Monday, October 24, 2011

A new approach

If you've visited my blog before, you know that it's been devoted to matters of interest to freelance writers: workshops, job leads, tips for the self-employed. I've had little feedback or contributions over the years, with one major exception (you know who you are, Joan). It's time for a new approach.

I'm still a 60 Percenter, so I'm going to keep the name, but I'm going to use this forum for creative pursuits. I'm not sure how the rest of you out there are doing, but I've found the freelance market has tightened up considerably and pay has plummeted. I still write for some local papers and magazines, thankfully, but I have more free time these days, and I want to keep my brain engaged.

Sometimes, I will write first-person stories. On occasion, I might delve into fiction, as the mood strikes me. Eventually, I might start another blog for posting formal, researched articles that you might see in a professional publication. I've pitched several ideas to various outlets that no one has picked up, even though I know the topics are strong. I'm sure some of my editors aren't aware of the full range of my abilities, so this will be a way to showcase them.

No matter what I write online, it will come from a place of honesty and candidness. I appreciate that when I write for clients, my words reflect on their publication or business, but here, I'd like to "let it all hang out," so to speak. I'll get started this week. Please check back for my first posts.

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