Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Next live meeting

The next real-life meeting of the 60 Percenters will be at 9 a.m. Wednesday, April 1 (no joke!), at Crackers & Company Cafe in Tempe. 

It's on Elliott Road between Hardy and Priest. RSVPs are a MUST, as I need to make a reservation.

All are welcome, so if you're not a 60 Percenter now but would like to see what we're about, please e-mail me at gkoeppel@cox.net to reserve a spot.

A few items of potential discussion:

Where's the work? The Arizona Republic, a mainstay for many of us, has seriously cut back. I've started doing some marketing work and LOVE it. I hope my client loves me back and will spread the word!

Who's working full time? Some of us have landed full-time gigs doing various things. Kudos to Candy Lesher, for one. (Shameless plug coming...)

She's directing the new Cooking Studio AZ at SunWest Appliance Distributing in Tempe, on Kyrene just south of Elliott. Go to www.sunwestdist.net for a list of upcoming classes. They have a special from May through August too: Buy four classes, get the fifth free, or buy one, get one half-off. Sign up with a friend!

Who's getting paid late? Word on the street is that Republic payments have been running a little late and some editors are not processing them at all, requiring several rounds of e-mails and bugging. The good news: They do eventually pay, unlike some publications out there.

As usual, I expect our usual round of gossip and innuendo as well.

And off topic but thought I'd mention it since many of us have aging cars and probably won't be getting new ones anytime soon: If you have small dings, dents and scratches on your vehicle that bug you, I highly recommend calling Mark Gilbertson at Dent Masseur: http://www.dentmasseur.com/. He lives around the corner from me in Ahwatukee and I saw his truck the other day and flagged him down. I took it over there this morning and he buffed, bumped and even did some touch-up painting for $30. Yes, $30, one zero at the end there, folks. It looks fantastic. 

Sorry to get all HARO on you there with the plugs, but in these times, I think it's nice to share info on great deals and great service.

Hope to see you on April 1!

Calling all environmental education reporters

Free Lancers Wanted To Write Popular EE Articles

> The Environmental Education and Training Partnership (EETAP) is seeking
> free lance writers with environmental education experience to write
> magazine style articles for publication on its web site. Each article
> will highlight an important area of EETAP's work and extend the
> storyline to similar efforts by other programs. The intent of the
> articles is to inform about trends in environmental education and their
> significance for the field and its practitioners. The audiences for the
> articles are formal and non-formal educators who are working to improve
> learning and increase the environmental literacy of their students and
> program participants. EETAP will accept proposals for writing one or
> more articles through April 24, 2009. It's anticipated that contracts
> will be signed in May 2009 with work to be completed within three-months
> of the signing date. For additional information please request a
> complete description from Sharon Courtney (Sharon.Courtney@uwsp.edu).