Monday, February 22, 2010

Jobs, jobs, jobs!

The Arizona Republic has posted three job openings:

Community News Online Platform Manager

We are looking for a dynamic individual to oversee several online community sections. The individual will be directly responsible for planning and maintaining the microsites, with timely and useful content, packaged and presented in a way that best serves our online audience.

The person will lead and manage the coverage of breaking news, as well as creation of unique online content. In addition, the individual will manage special projects and refine the workflows and systems needed to keep the microsites current and relevant.

The role involves working with a multitude of elements, from stories and photos to videos, graphics, databases and other visual/technical features. It also involves working with producers and other platform and content editors to ensure accurate and complete coverage.

The individual must be able to draw together multiple elements and effectively, accurately and quickly post information to the microsites. Strong editing skills are required, as are the abilities to prioritize, communicate, organize and work under the pressure of multiple deadlines and assignments.

Interested candidates should contact Abe Kwok by March 5.

Reporter positions open

The Peoria City Hall reporter works out of the Arrowhead newsroom. This reporter has major responsibilities for covering a northwest Valley city that has to serve a redeveloping urban core and a newer, growing northern region. The reporter has responsibility to provide coverage of city government and community issues for the Peoria Republic and the Arizona Republic, including Valley & State, the front page and Business. The reporter must be able to develop sources inside and outside City Hall and emphasize watchdog and enterprise coverage. Candidates interested in applying should contact West Valley Community Editor Venita James by Friday, Feb. 26.

The Queen Creek reporter works out of the Mesa newsroom, covering Queen Creek government and neighborhoods. Queen Creek is about to be governed by a new mayor and newly reconstituted town council and starting a branding campaign to encourage economic development. The beat requires a solid self-starter who is as much at ease tackling local government issues as writing about important and interesting people, places and events in the community for The Gilbert Republic,, the front page and Valley & State. Interested candidates should contact Southeast Valley Community Editor Paul Maryniak by Feb. 26, briefly outlining your qualifications and your vision for implementing this unique government-neighborhoods beat.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Magazine cliches

I attended Ann Videan's ALWAYS meeting yesterday and one of the funniest moments to come out of it was our conversation on magazine cliches.

I mentioned that I see the same tired old ideas daily on HARO and wonder how these writers keep selling this stuff. Lori Baker countered with the fact that editors continue to think that's what readers want. She said every magazine article on losing weight has the same obvious advice: Don't eat such large portions. Don't snack all day. Etc. Duh.

Then Lori said, gee, maybe that's why magazines are folding! Good insight, Lori.

So what are your favorite magazine cliches? I personally love the totally useless "get fit for swimsuit season" articles that claim you can get a flat belly in 10 days.