Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pro bono PR help needed

This is from our friend Rick D'Elia:

The Welcome to America Project, a local non-profit in my pro bono stable of favorite local orgs is looking for some PR help.

are trying to build up our Communications Committee and Development Committee. They both meet once per month to connect on projects and efforts. We are pushing hard for fundraising efforts now. If you know anyone, I would love to contact them.

"WTAP is seeking a local celebrity to MC the Prom this year on February 19, 2011. Do you know anyone that might be able to help us in our search?"

If anyone is interested in helping, please contact Megan and tell her Rick sent you:

Megan O’Connor

Executive Director

The Welcome to America Project

602.490.0088 x1

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Rick D'Elia said...

FYI, the WTAP is an org that works with refugees from all over the world who have recently been settled in Phx by the International Rescue Committee.
The Prom is an absolute blast of an event attended by all ages (adults, that is) and is a major fundraising event or the org.